Back orthosis

Premium Design for Improving Posture, Made by an orthopedic designer that is ergonomically effective in reducing back, lower back and neck pain, enhancing muscle memory, and easily correcting posture.
Perfect Fit – One size does not fit the back supports. So there are fully adjustable straps, so you can customize your own fit and level of support. Depending on your need, the brace can be made tighter or loosened. The straps keep the brace in place but comfortably – without slipping, twisting, or caking.
It provides strong support that is comfortable while keeping you from crouching. Made of an ultra-light and breathable fabric with durable stitching that provides long-lasting comfort and support. Whether you have to work long hours sitting at the office or standing up to run the factory, it doesn’t matter, this tool fits any routine.
Unnoticeable – It’s a totally unremarkable prop, keep your privacy and enjoy your new look. It’s a great outfit that improves your personality yet keeps you out of the ordinary.
EASY TO CARE – This Back Support is designed in a way that is easy to use, wash and lasts longer. It’s lightweight without affecting its support capacity, so you can sit, drive, walk, lift, turn and bend in the correct alignment.

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