About Us

Activities Medical Company ACTEST was established in 2006 and has been a largest independent distributor for marketing and sales of medical equipment, medical furniture, rehabilitation equipment, emergency medical system/equipment, medical disposables devices and hospital supplies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Our primary objective is to provide all our customers with safe adequate and cost-effective medical health care products of consistent quality conforming to international standards. ACTEST being a reliable resource for all your medical needs you will find a wide variety of products at the most competitive prices in our data supplied by the leading international manufacturers in the medical and healthcare industry from USA, Europe & Asia.
The strategic marketing activities and our specialization in specific sectors, enables us to meet the customer satisfaction in all areas of our business operations.
To support hospitals and patients who are suffering from critical and life endangering health conditions we are empowered with well experienced personnel who are ready to offer a broad range of products which is wider than that offered by many other companies in the same field.
Professional experience and efficient organization coupled with quick response to our customer’s requests are one of our outstanding characteristics.