Temperature measuring device

Human body temperature measurement: This infrared thermometer provides a more easy and practical way to measure temperature, and it is suitable for all ages, whether infants, adults or the elderly.
Thermometer for instant reading: All you have to do is press the Measure button, and the result will come out in 1 second. It gives highly efficient results, and there is no need to wait as you will save your time.
Skin-Free Temperature Measurement: A handheld digital temperature meter designed to resemble a pistol. Avoid contact with the skin while taking the temperature. This device provides an easy way to measure the temperature and does not cause infection.
High temperature alarm: There is a red backlight on the screen when powered on, and the word “HI” is displayed with the alarm.
High-definition display: The temperature meter features a large-sized liquid crystal LCD screen with high brightness with backlight and clear and easy display, thus making the reading more clear.

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